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About Surefix Mechanical

Surefix Mechanical, having the most experienced Motor Mechanics in Nerang and Carrara, has been the most trusted in the Motor Mechanic industry in the Gold Coast area. They also offer a complete New Car Service using all the latest equipment to test and recharge your vehicle's AC system. They are proud member of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers and the Motor Trades Association of Queensland.

Surefix Mechanical offers the following services:

Surefix Mechanical on the Gold Coast is a specialist in logbook servicing. The Diesel Mechanics of Nerang will ensure that only proprietary and approved parts are used in the service of your warranted vehicle as to conform to the conditions of the guarantee. They will also date stamp the logbook and carry out all the checks as specified by the vehicle makers or the Warranty Company.

They also advise customers to allow them to check their cars’ brakes for their safety during every service. Hence, they are offering Brake Service in Nerang to ensure the safety of the drivers and the pedestrians alike.


Surefix Mechanical can carry out a safety check on your vehicle to make sure that all the necessary items conform to the standards laid down by the department of transport as they are offering pre purchase inspection in Nerang. Also, if you’re thinking of selling your car and it is registered in Queensland, you will be needing an automotive safety certificate before you can advertise your vehicle for sale.

Experience the great service the motor mechanics in Carrara offers! Call them at 07-5502-0503. Or you can visit Surefix Mechanical, located at Unit 2, 13 Indy Ct., Gold Coast QLD 4211. Also, you can try checking their website by visiting to find out more of them.

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